How it works

Online coaching

It works really well and is very easy to use.

At the beginning I was concerned about whether it would really be possible to establish a connection with each other online.

By now I have to say that it works really well and is a lot less hassle than going somewhere to meet and is completely straightforward.

I use the Zoom app because it is the most stable and easiest solution for different devices. It’s completely free for you.

Video instructions

This tutorial shows you how to join a coaching / meeting.


It works with any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. For computers, you might need an external webcam and speakers. But laptops, tablets and smartphones already have that built in.

Download App Zoom

In the beginning, there were security concerns and some criticism in the media. But this has long since been solved. We also use Zoom fully encrypted with password so that our conversations remain completely confidential. free download


You are welcome to test your camera and microphone in advance. Test Meeting

Join meeting

I sent you an email with the link for the meeting. Just click on this link and you are connected with me. Maybe you still need a password, which you can also find in the email.

Small tip: Find yourself a quiet cozy place

It would be good to have a quiet place for the coaching where you can sit and relax, have internet access, if necessary a power connection and you feel comfortable.

I also like to use headphones so that conversations stay between us and ambient noise disturbs me less.