I am a transformative 3-principles coach

Fancy more lightness and less mental chaos?

I will show you a new approach how you can deal with life and our daily issues with more ease and how you can find your way.


Coaching offers 2022

In all coaching we talk about: More clarity, trust in yourself and life, understand how we humans tick, why we act, how we act and much more.

Package base


Often all it takes is an impulse, a stimulus for thought and we can continue to master our life enriched with it, find our way again.

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Duration 1.5 months


1 clarity discussion á 45min
3 coaching hours
1 AHA module **

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Package medium


You will find the golden mean with the Insight package. Enough time for intensive discussions and suggestions for your aha experiences. Two additional components deepen the coaching and open up new perspectives.

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Duration 3 months


1 clarity discussion á 45min
5 hours of coaching
2 AHA modules **

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Large package

Accompaniment for half a year

Deeper insights sometimes need more time and calm. This is what you take with this package and you let yourself into a change of perspective step by step. More intensive coaching phases alternate with longer intervals, in which there is time to reflect and observe. The creative building blocks also stimulate knowledge and are simply fun.

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Duration 6 months


1 clarity discussion á 45min
12 hours of coaching
4 AHA modules **

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** AHA modules
We do not know how and when we have knowledge. Why the button suddenly opens and everything makes sense. In addition to deep listening and perception, we try other approaches and incorporate them into our cooperation.
Write, paint, tell, design, garden, get out into nature. How do you like to express yourself? What do you enjoy and what helps you to get a new perspective on a topic?
These building blocks simply offer us the opportunity to look more deeply at life between coachings or through a different approach.

- About me

Hello, nice to meet you!

Why did I choose this coaching approach in particular?

I have dealt with personality development for many years. Especially in difficult phases of my life, after traumatic experiences, failed relationships and a lot of searching for meaning and calling.

When I then heard the life stories of people who had experienced positive changes and healing of their emotional injuries in various videos at an online congress, I was deeply touched. I experienced my moment of realization without being able to grasp it exactly. Still, I knew deep down that this is the piece of the puzzle that I was still missing. Everything finally came together, made sense, and felt like home.

Mag. Martha Tretter

Life Coach Martha
Life experience

Experiences that I helped shape

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How does a coaching work?

Online via zoom or meeting in Vienna

Right now, I have most of the conversations online, especially through Zoom. If possible, an on-site meeting can also be arranged.

Trial coaching

If you just want to try out coaching to get a feel for it, a trial coaching is just the thing. It is a non-binding individual appointment.

All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours .

Either I start with an opening question or my conversation partner talks directly about a topic, for example something that is difficult to deal with in everyday life; something where it could go easier or a topic that is burdening.
listening and asking
I listen to you. Deep listening is the basis of every conversation. I'll ask questions if I don't fully understand. Questions can be the impetus for a different perspective.
Together we talk about what was told on the basis of the transformative understanding of coaching.
What can you take away from the coaching conversation? In which direction can you look and observe yourself in life?

Und dann war es leicht

Ich habe zusammen mit 19 anderen Frauen ein Buch geschrieben. Wir erzählen davon, wie es uns ergangen ist, nachdem wir die 3 Prinzipien kennen gelernt haben und wie sich unsere Leben zu mehr Leichtigkeit verändert haben.


Just to listen to

The weekly podcast. Impulse thoughts for the soul.