Martha Tretter in the studio talk on Radio Wien

On 23.6.24 at 12 noon, Martha Tretter will be a guest on Radio Wien with her book “Grüne Glücksorte in Wien” in a talk from the studio with Jasmin Dolati.

We talk about Vienna’s green oases, the importance of nature in the city and life itself. You will find out what music gives me energy and where I like to relax in Vienna. I am delighted to present my new book in this personal interview and talk about green parks, gardens and recreational spaces. I also talk about my life: my origins in Kirchdorf an der Krems in Upper Austria, my time in Brazil and Portugal and how I became a tourist guide and found a new home in Vienna. We also talk about life crises, relationships and my work as a life coach, based on the “Three Principles of Sydney Banks“.

For all those who are there live, there is the chance to win tickets for an exclusive private tour of some of my favorite green places in Vienna. You can now book this tour directly with me or via my website.

I cordially invite you to tune in to Radio Wien next Sunday at 12 noon or to listen to the program for up to a month.

The book “Grüne Glücksorte in Wien” is available everywhere in bookshops and online, e.g. on Amazon.