What is transformative coaching?

In transformative coaching, a space is created for your own knowledge about your current situation and about our being human in general. You can find out why you are acting, how you are acting so far. How problems arise. Why you suffer Why you couldn’t do anything differently than what you did. Why there is basically nothing wrong with you.

This does not mean that you will never be angry, fearful, sad, or have problems again. The deeper you understand these principles, the sooner you will recognize what is behind your feelings. What to “do” to make yourself feel better.

As a transformative coach, I work a lot with example stories, metaphors and images. The idea is that you may come to some insight. Whether it will happen on site, an hour later or in three months, who knows? When and where this aha moment will come is difficult to predict. We try to enable, encourage and stimulate the state for insights and knowledge during coaching and we keep talking about it.

This coaching approach was not reinvented. It is more a change of perspective, a direction of view, principles of life that have always been there. Except that we did not consciously perceive it in this form. We find building blocks of these “3 principles”, which the Scottish theosophist Sydney Banks formulated, in different philosophical directions, religions and cultures.