“Inner peace: the 3 principles give us a better understanding of harmonious coexistence”

Next Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 7 pm we will meet again for our online 3-principles discussion group.

I am delighted that Paola Royal will be joining us to delve into the topic “Inner peace: The 3 principles give us a better understanding of harmonious coexistence“.

Here is their topic description:

“The mother is crying because her child’s behavior is hurting her. The woman is stressed by her job. The man is annoyed because his soccer team has lost. Wars happen and people die out of a lack of understanding.

But where do our feelings actually come from? Do others have the ability to control what you feel?

How can we live together peacefully?

When we have a better understanding of ourselves and know what makes us feel and experience things, we automatically find inner peace without having to do anything. As a result, we develop a better relationship not only with ourselves, but also with our fellow human beings. The three principles give us this insight.”

I am looking forward to the exchange with you and the food for thought that will result.

Never been there before? No problem. No prior knowledge or preparation is required.
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I look forward to seeing you!
Coach Martha

Information about our spokeswoman

Paola’s professional career began 30 years ago in Germany as a physiotherapist. After living in Switzerland, New Zealand and the UK, she now lives in Budleigh Salterton, near Exeter in Devon. Through her work, she realized that traditional methods were often not enough and trained herself in holistic treatment methods.

She first studied acupuncture massage and delved into Chinese medicine and nutrition, completed a three-year training course at BSY and offered cooking classes. Curious about the influence of the mind on health, she studied the Emotional Freedom Technique and the Three Principles Paradigm. The latter changed her understanding of how body and mind work together.

She recognized that an inner intelligence leads us to mental well-being and clarity. Sharing this understanding with her clients has helped them to live the life they have always wanted. With over 30 years of experience in medicine and psychology, she enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others live a healthy and peaceful life.

You can find out more about Paola and her work at yourlifebuteasier.com.