Christmas stress

Every year again …

although the two words “Christmas” and “stress” should be mutually exclusive.

Perhaps the mood is even more tense this year due to Corona. Packages that have been ordered do not arrive on time or are simply not available. Perhaps you are wondering whether celebrating together is the right thing to do right now? And precisely because so much is different, we would like to at least experience Christmas the way we are used to.

Moments in which doubts, fears, anger and unsolved problems are piled up in us are not good times to make decisions or to try to find answers. Everything is seething in us, there is no room for solutions and creativity.

You are not your thoughts, they can move on. You can fall to the ground like snowflakes in a snow globe and then the view is clear again.

Just close your eyes for a moment and breathe consciously a few times. Go for a walk, even if it’s just around the house. Someone want to talk to you at a moment like this? Usually this is not a good time. If we don’t feel ourselves and are in a storm of thoughts, conversations escalate more easily than usual. We say things that we don’t mean and thereby hurt each other.

Bad moods always pass. They are never permanent.

If at all possible, wait for a better mood to talk you out of something. You will notice that there is then a lot less or hardly anything to discuss. This is how we humans work. We sometimes have intense feelings and they come from our thoughts, fears and worries. These thoughts are often not real. We don’t have to automatically believe them. Our system calms down again if we let it.

Knowing these mechanisms in us can also help us to better understand our fellow human beings. Or at least to observe that thoughts of stress and fears are piling up in the other and that our counterpart is in a bad mood. Other people also believe their thoughts and get caught up in their misunderstandings. We don’t have to relate everything to ourselves and take it at face value. Maybe at that moment we can just see that someone is under pressure here.

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