Free Clarity or Initial Consultation

The step of doing a coaching can come spontaneously. In my experience, however, it is usually well thought out and often carried around for a long time. You may also ponder the question of whether now is the right time, whether I or another coach and what awaits you in coaching at all?

We discuss all of these questions online via Zoom in a clarity or initial consultation. We take the time to get clarity about your topics, wishes and goals and to get to know each other. After our conversation I will send you a summary and an offer. You can then let me know whether and in what form we will work together.

Especially for coaching it is important to get an impression and a feeling of whether the direction and the wavelength feel good.

With this free initial consultation, I really want to reach out to you and make the hurdle that may be in front of you smaller. We simply meet person to person and explore the possibility of looking towards your topics together.

I’m happy for you.

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