Invitation to the 3P D-A-CH Online Conference: the solution is within you

The solution lies within you: a fresh look at being human

The second German speaking Three Principles Online-LIVE-Conference of 3P D-A-CH is starting! And I’m happy to be able to contribute to one of the topics with my personal story, too!

No matter how complex the world seems or how difficult problems seem, understanding the Three Principles of MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS and THOUGHT offers a solution that is accessible to everyone.

This conference shows how practical this understanding is.
How independent it can make us from external circumstances.
Why insights are at the core of all change.

Would you like to live a life with more clarity, joy and energy?
Do you have exciting ideas or great projects and want to realize them with more ease?
Or do you often get frustrated with personal issues or even the global problems of humanity?

You will learn examples from different areas of life and we hope that it will become clearer and clearer: Wherever you are, whatever you wish for, there is a solution.

When. On 11 and 12.11.23 it will happen – these will be two great days with an online program that is probably unique again in this form.

What? The conference theme is
The solution lies within you: a fresh look at being human

Program: Here you can explore the whole program yourself

Tickets: If you like, be there and book your ticket right now under

I am happy if you are there too!

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