Why should I use coaching?

Behind this question is probably also what coaching brings you. How can I help you as a coach?

You may be lugging around issues and questions that you think are unsolvable. That your life is just like that and that you can’t change anything. You might even think that that’s just how you are and that you were shaped and that you have to live with it now.

The good news is that there is actually a different way. An easier life is possible.

Do you really need coaching for this? Of course, your companion can also be a book or a podcast series that arouses your curiosity. You get insights from reading or listening and that will take you further. That was my start too and I continue to read and listen and be inspired.

Courses, webinars and, above all, coaching sessions, in which I was able to be fully present, really took me one step further. In the coaching I was given space for 1:1 conversations, exchange and suggestions. Only then did the insights become my very personal experiences. Since then I have known how deep coaching can be.

In a coaching conversation, I listen to you as an equal and try to get you out of the entanglements of the topic. When we get caught up in something, we find it difficult to see a solution. We think about it even more, analyze everything and don’t see that we’re not getting anywhere with the same thoughts over and over again.

In the safe space of coaching you can discover your own wisdom and your own way of solving things or doing things differently. We talk about how we humans tick. With a better understanding of why we do what we do, we find it easier to change.

If you would like to try out coaching, simply book a taster session . I’m happy for you.