Bad weather – bad mood?

This is also a difficult question for me as a “3 principles coach”. Or not. The answer is quite clear, the weather is never responsible for our mood as we experience the world from the inside out.

What does inside out mean?

Let’s take the example of weather. If it rains for three days, I might be upset because I have to do my city tours in the pouring rain and everyone gets wet. The farmer, on the other hand, is happy because his meadows urgently need rain and everything is already drying up. Two different reactions to the same event “outside”. So the rain itself is neither good nor bad. It is our “inner” classification that determines our reaction.

The fact that we experience the world from the inside out simply means that our experience works first through our thoughts and then through the feelings about our thoughts. In this respect, we create “our” weather within ourselves. This is as terrifying as it is awesome. Life happens and we get a lot too. How we react to them, what evaluation and meaning we give to these events is entirely up to us. We always have a choice.

So I don’t mean that we have to prepare ourselves for sunshine every day. Storms often rage in us and our mood goes up and down. That’s totally fine. The only question is whether we want to hold on to it longer than necessary.

What we can definitely trust is that the mood will pick up again. Nobody is always in a bad mood. There are always moments that are brighter and kinder. When we notice and allow them, our built-in mood elevator goes up faster.

Are you fed up with being at the mercy of the “weather” of life and would you like to talk about it in coaching?

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