Invitation to the 3P discussion group: “Head cinema vs. reality”

I cordially invite you to our next 3P discussion group, which will take place next Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at 7:00 pm.

This time, we are focusing on a topic that affects us all in one way or another: the stories that our minds create and how they influence our perceptions and actions.

We all know it: our heads develop stories that seem so real that they can throw us off course. Our mind picks up on dramas and fears and packages them into stories that we often believe we have to act on or analyze. These inner narratives can influence us deeply, and it seems as if we are living in a movie whose director is our own mind.

But by understanding the Three Principles, I have learned that the opposite is true. It’s often the case that I’m just stressed, hungry or simply need a moment of peace and quiet to be able to think clearly again. The realization that our thoughts can lead us astray offers a liberating perspective on our experience.

And as always, we’re happy to talk with you and have you share your experiences or ask questions. (if you want – everything can, nothing must!) We are very much looking forward to the evening together!

You have never been there? No problem! You can join or skip meetings at any time. Just as it is coherent for you.

Simply register. You will then receive all the information, the Zoom link and a reminder for our next meeting. The whole thing is free of charge and without obligation for you! You are also welcome to forward this invitation.

I look forward to seeing you!

Coach Martha with Andrea, Antonietta and Sandra from the 3Principles discussion group