Host in the online discussion group

Not knowing what will happen next AND being completely at peace with it

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 5.10.2022 at 19h, I will be the host in the online discussion circle. I’m particularly looking forward to guest speaker Beatrice Häcki this time.

Bea brings with her a topic that has occupied her intensely herself over the past few months and is now also coming to the fore from time to time: “Dealing with not knowing how things will continue and how money will come in again and again. Not knowing if what I’m about to do can really work.

And to be completely at peace WITH this ignorance…”

Bea quit her job without knowing exactly what was coming next. The termination had just felt right. She had never been at such a point in her life. In the past, she wouldn’t have quit until she already knew what was going to happen afterwards.

“The new professional orientation is only growing, but with coaching alone I can not yet finance my living, so I had to reorient myself and feel what else I would like to do, and then for a long time I did not know.”

Feelings of reluctance, frustration, insecurity, and anxiety surfaced and she realized that she just needed A LOT of rest right now.

Bea will also tell us about how creativity and energy came back from the silence. A test of patience that in the end brought an even stronger confidence in life and the many possibilities it offers us.

Her story will remind us that we are all always connected, to everything and all possibilities. We just forgot about it. The 3 principles show from different angles how life and we humans function. And we are also always ok if we forget it again, fall out of this knowledge. The more often we remember this, the easier it is for us to stay in this bond.

We are very much looking forward to sharing with you and our guest Bea Häcki at our discussion group on 5/10/22. True to our motto “Together we see more”.

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I would be very happy to see you tomorrow in the online discussion group.

with our guest Beatrice Häck and my colleagues of the discussion group